Breaking up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can form from many different reasons. When the body gets injured, scar tissue will form as part of the body’s natural healing process. Once the body is done healing, the scar tissue should be re-absorbed into the body, but sometimes the scar tissue is not properly re-absorbed.  This excessive scar tissue can cause the formation of knots within the muscle. With this excess scar tissue, the muscle’s functionality can be extremely limited due to loss of flexibility, loss of range of motion, and tenderness/pain. In order to restore the functionality of the muscle, the scar tissue needs to be broken up. 

How ASTR Breaks up Scar Tissue

Advanced Soft Tissue Release (abbreviated as ASTR) is a new manual therapy specialty that is revolutionizing the way patients experience long-term pain relief. ASTR treats pain in a gentle, effective, and natural way by releasing scar tissue, trigger points, and fascia restriction. ASTR’s patented tools assist in releasing and breaking up scar tissue, and ASTR clinicians are trained in effective techniques that do not cause additional pain or stress to the patient’s body. This approach is holistic and non-invasive. Learn how ASTR can help you or watch testimonial videos from patients who experienced pain relief through ASTR treatment.