Astym therapy is a method of IASTM that is used to increase musculoskeletal performance by initating healing of tissue and improving mobility. Using various instruments on the skin, the therapist treats the muscles, tendons or ligaments underneath. Astym explains that “There also may be some mild bruising in the area being treated, but don’t worry! That is one indication that the body is hard a work, absorbing the old tissue and laying down healthy new tissue.”

The presence of bruising implys that more inflammation is being caused, therefore causing more scar tissue to form. This fact contradicts Astym’s previous claim that bruising suggests the absorption of old tissue. 

In order for the body to completely heal, it must undergo the three stages of healing: inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. By creating a cycle between inflammation and proliferation through consistant treatment and bruising, the patient will struggle to reach full healing potential.

ASTR treatment understands the healing cycle and how to properly work through inflammation and proliferation to reach the final maturation phase without causing pain or bruising. Using more specialized maneuevers and more comfortable tools for both the patient and the therapist, ASTR benefits its patients and promotes proper healing of scar tissue.