What Are The Benefits of Renewing My License?


  • Your name will appear on our provider list
  • Continue using ASTR’s titles next your name  
  • Patient referrals (restrictions apply)
  • Updated Webinars, Lectures and Educational Materials
  • Access new products, research and protocols
  • Online support (chat, email, phone, forums)


Why renew your License?

License renewal is an important part of keeping ASTR clinicians up to date with new findings and research. 

New Findings: The ASTR specialty is dynamic. It is constantly changing and advancing to better meet society’s need for fast, non-invasive, long-term pain relief. 

Research: The ASTR team works on a daily basis to maintain ASTR’s position as the most cutting-edge specialty in the healthcare industry. Through research and experimentation, our team is constantly developing new theories, methodology, tools, and devices.

Access: Maintaining an active ASTR license allows a clinician use of ASTR and all its associated titles, trademarks, copyrights and patents. 

Renewal Process 

Clinicians must renew their ASTR licenses before the expiration dates. ASTR licensed healthcare providers can renew their licenses by completing one of the following options every two years

  • Watching ASTR renewal educational videos
  • Attending at least one Advanced Soft Tissue Release renewal conference


Expired ASTR License

If a clinician is unable or unwilling to renew their ASTR license, they will no longer be able to use ASTR, ASTRs, Advanced Soft Tissue Release, and Advanced Soft Tissue Release Specialist titles and trademarks after the license expires. Additionally, claiming to be a licensed ASTR provider are prohibited when license is not renewed. Clinician information will be removed form our websites and clinician will not be able to access ASTR education materials and updates.


 If a clinician is unable to renew his/her ASTR license due to extenuating circumstances, contact our office, and the course of action will be determined on a case-by-case basis.