Benefits for Medical Providers

Advanced Soft Tissue Release® (ASTR) is an evidence-based, non-invasive specialty that quickly and effectively treats soft tissue injuries. Benefits to medical providers who become licensed in the ASTR specialty include:

  • Access to Top-Notch Specialty:  Medical providers certified in ASTR will have exclusive access to top-notch, cutting-edge manual therapy maneuvers, tools, methodology, and treatment protocols.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction: Patients treated with ASTR often experience pain relief within the first or second treatment session. They are often amazed at how this different approach succeeds in relieving their pains where other therapies have failed. As patients recognize these results, their satisfaction, trust, and loyalty toward the provider ensue.
  • Treats Difficult Conditions: ASTR is a great way to treat soft tissue injuries, including many conditions that are difficult to treat with traditional approaches. ASTR clinicians are taught over 125 unique manual maneuvers that treat soft tissue dysfunctions including trigger points, muscle spasm, fibrosis, and fascia restriction. Check out the testimonials!
  • Increased Revenue: ASTR is a new niche for soft tissue therapies and certification in this specialty is a great tool for medical providers looking to expand their practice.
  • License: ASTR clinicians are members of an exclusive community of ASTR-licensed medical providers. Holding this license is evidence of a provider’s extensive training and high competency in treating soft tissue injuries with the ASTR approach. Additionally, clinicians are required to renew their ASTR license every two years so all ASTR providers are kept up to date with the latest ASTR research.

Click here to download the licensing application

What Are The Benefits of Renewing My License?

  • Continue using ASTR’s titles next your name  
  • Updated Webinars, Lectures and Educational Materials
  • Access new products, research and protocols

Why renew your License?

License renewal is an important part of keeping ASTR clinicians up to date with new findings and research. 

New Findings: The ASTR specialty is dynamic. It is constantly changing and advancing to better meet society’s need for fast, non-invasive, long-term pain relief. 

Research: The ASTR team works on a daily basis to maintain ASTR’s position as the most cutting-edge specialty in the healthcare industry. Through research and experimentation, our team is constantly developing new theories, methodology, tools, and devices.

Access: Maintaining an active ASTR license allows a clinician use of ASTR and all its associated titles, trademarks, copyrights and patents. 

Renewal Process 

Clinicians must renew their ASTR licenses before the expiration date. ASTR licensed healthcare providers can renew their license by completing one of the following options every two years

  • Watch ASTR renewal educational videos
  • Attend at least one Advanced Soft Tissue Release renewal conference


Expired ASTR License

If a clinician does not renew their ASTR license, they will no longer be able to use ASTR, ASTRs, Advanced Soft Tissue Release, Advanced Soft Tissue Release Specialist and Advanced Clinical Nutrition (ACN) titles and trademarks after the license expires. Additionally, claiming to be a licensed ASTR provider is prohibited once the license expires. 

If a clinician is unable to renew his/her ASTR license due to extenuating circumstances, contact our office, and the course of action will be determined on a case-by-case basis.