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ASTR clinicians are members of an exclusive community of ASTR-licensed medical providers. Holding this license is evidence of a provider’s extensive training and high competency in treating soft tissue injuries with the ASTR approach.

What to Expect from the ASTR License Program

A-Z Knowledge: The Advanced Soft Tissue Release license program is one of the most comprehensive training programs available. Similar to how an iPhone invented new technologies and reinvented many different technologies, the ASTR specialty invented new tools and approaches and reinvented many popular, older manual techniques and applied them in combination with the latest ASTR research. This leads to faster, more efficient results. 

The ASTR licensing process educates clinicians on all aspects of properly evaluating and treating soft tissue dysfunctions using ASTR’s methodology, advanced manual therapy maneuvers, treatment protocols, and discharge plans. 

Preparedness: The ASTR license program prepares healthcare providers to holistically address both common and rare soft tissue dysfunctions that affect the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems. These dysfunctions are seen by outpatient clinics on a daily basis!  

Title and Access: Upon completion of the ASTR license program, including meeting the eligibility requirements and passing the exam, practitioners will be awarded the title of Advanced Soft Tissue Release Specialist (ASTRs) and will have access to ASTR’s patents and tools. 

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ASTR vs. Individual Manual Techniques

Many manual techniques used by clinicians today are 50-100 years old and have not advanced since their inception. Here is how the ASTR specialty differs from these individual manual techniques.


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