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  What Is Included? 
  • Self paced in-home learning
  • 12+ hours of lecture/powerpoint videos
  • Step-by-step maneuvers/instrument videos
  • Downloadable powerpoints, manuals, exercises, forms and patient handouts
  • Laminated summary protocols for clinic
  • 5 ASTR Instruments*
  • 27 CEU's*
  • 2 year access to online course 
  • Patient Referrals (restrictions apply)
  • Direct online support from Dr. Jacobs:
    • Chat
    • Monthly Webinars (Very Important!)
    • Forums
    • Phone support
    • Email support


  Who Can Take ASTR Course? 

Anyone can take ASTR course and receive ASTR tools. In order to be certified you have to meet the certification requirement

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  What Will I Learn? 

  • Myofascial release with instruments
  • Visceral fascia release with instruments
  • Scar tissue release with instruments
  • Muscle spasm release
  • Trigger point release
  • Nutrition integration
  • Nutrition focused physical exam (NFPE)
  • Gait & ergonomic training
  • Functional training
  • Diagnosis algorithm
  • Common treatment protocols
  • Exercise progressions
  • Biopsychosocial model
  Memorial Day Sale   Expires May 28th, 2018

Option #1: $1100 + shipping (Savings $299) 

Option #2: $999 + shipping* (Groups of 2 or more who sign up at the same time pay only $999 per professional. Savings $400)

Option #3: $550 x 2 months + shipping*  (Tools shipped after receiving the last payment. Savings $299)


  What Happens Next? 

After completing the online course. You will then receive a set of ASTR instruments.

* Shadowing and hands-on training with Dr.Jacobs is available for additional fee.

  Why Is ASTR The Future of Medicine? 

  • 40+ Studies support ASTR's treatment model
  • 400+ Research studies are integrated into ASTR's treatment model
  • 16,000+ Research studies have been reviewed by our team
  • 230+ Treatment & Testimonial videos 
  • Evidence Based Practice & Biopsychosocial Model
  • Treats the source of pain
  • Non-invasive natural treatment

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Anyone can take ASTR’s Courses & Receive Patented Tools! To become a certified ASTR   licensed provider with privileges to treat patients AND to appear as a provider on our website click here for eligibility


 *Additional discounts cannot be applied to group or Memorial Day discounts. Tools INCLUDED per professional. Shipping, customs & taxes costs for tools are separate and vary based on your location. Tools can be back ordered 2-8 weeks. Please email us to request the group discount code.




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