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Heal Your Body From The Inside Out

Pain Relief Made Easy

Our healthcare system is broken. Every day, we speak with patients who have been suffering for years with chronic pain. By the time they find us, most patients have spent thousands of dollars, have seen multiple doctors but are still suffering. But patients aren’t the only ones hurting. Every week, we speak with busy, burnt out providers who have tried anything and everything to relieve their patient’s pain, but can’t seem to find a long term solution. Until ASTR.  

ASTR is a new treatment approach that treats pain at its source. Our patented tools gently break down scar tissue and fascia restriction, while reducing the inflammation that often causes chronic pain. ASTR addresses proper nutrition, inflammation, laboratory testing, posture, body mechanics, ergonomics, lifestyle changes and exercises. We create and package step-by-step online programs and easy to use tool kits for on-the-go patients who are ready to treat themselves from the comfort of their home. We also create and package high quality programs and tool kits for providers who want to provide their patients with fast, long term pain relief.


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