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My dad has modeled what it looks like to generously love and support others

Men who have changed our lives.

That is what this week is all about.
Many years ago, Joseph and I sat in our little beat up Toyota and shared a dream we had with my dad. Joseph had been working as a PT for another hospital and longed for us to be independent as a family and have a business of our own.
My dad, being a successful, self employed businessman, understood exactly how Joseph felt. So much so, that before that conversation ended, he had invested in our dream.
My dad isn’t the kind of man who just says he believes in you. He shows up.
✔️He helped us launch our first clinic by financially investing in our business.
✔️He spent hours on the phone answering many of our business related questions and always made it clear that he was there for us.
✔️He has always respected our space and never tried to impose his ideas onto our family’s.
✔️He drove hours to be at our clinic on opening day.
✔️He came and listened to Joseph present at TedX with pride beaming in his eyes.
✔️He listened compassionately when we told him that we had to close the clinic just three years later.
✔️ He forgave our debt.
✔️He never stopped believing in us even when we did.
✔️He stood by our sides with great loyalty when we told him that we were starting back up with new and different ideas for ASTR.
✔️He is our #1 fan.
Without my father’s generosity, ASTR simply wouldn’t be where it is today.
It is sobering and humbling to understand just how great an impact ONE person has had on our lives.
My dad has modeled and taught us one of life’s most important lessons; how to generously love and support others. What a beautiful legacy to leave behind!