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Arthritis of the Ankle: Symptoms, Risk Factors, Prevention & Treatment

¿Qué es la artritis?

Artritis is a condition in which the joint or multiple joints experience inflammation and pain. Arthritis in the ankle is most commonly caused by wear and tear (osteoarthritis) over the years.  Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder that affects the entire body, is another type of arthritis that can occur in the ankle.  The inside of the normal ankle joint is lined completely by smooth cartilage.  The arthritic ankle loses this smooth cartilage lining which normally allows for low friction and pain free weight bearing.  Once the cartilage lining is worn down completely, the underlying bone is exposed and becomes vulnerable for grinding bone to bone. 

Symptoms of Arthritis of the Ankle

  1. Pain at the ankle joint
  2. Swelling after prolonged weight bearing or exercise
  3. Deformity can also be an occurrence

Risk Factors of Arthritis of the Ankle

  1. Previous injury
  2. Standing for long periods of time at work over several years
  3. Chronic and recurrent inflammation (rheumatoid or gout arthritis)
  4. Neurological condition such as polio or hereditary sensory and motor neuropathy
  5. Being overweight

Preventative measures for Arthritis of the Ankle

  1. Do not carry excess weight
  2. Reduce heavy impact on the joint
  3. Wear proper footwear

Treatment of Arthritis of the Ankle

Golosinas ASTR ankle arthritis de una manera suave, efectiva y natural al abordar los desequilibrios musculares, el tejido cicatricial, los puntos gatillo, las restricciones de la fascia, la inflamación, la postura y la mecánica corporal que a menudo son la fuente del dolor. ASTR adopta un enfoque holístico para abordar las causas fundamentales del dolor, no solo los síntomas. El tratamiento ASTR se puede hacer en casa para ankle arthritis

Arthritis of the Ankle Home Treatment

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