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Functional Medicine Evaluation

Functional Medicine Evaluation




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ASTR Telehealth Evaluation & Follow-up is a great option if you wish to receive medical care from the comfort of your home. The evaluation is approximately a 50 minute video conference session to help you to figure out the root cause of your health issues. The follow-up is a short session to review requested laboratory testing, supplementation re-assessment, and customized treatment plan.


It is very easy to set up! After you sign up, you will work with an ASTR coordinator to select a day and time that works best for your schedule. We will send you a link to download a simple app on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android phone when it’s time for you to begin your Telehealth session. All sessions are private and are HIPPA compliant.

  1. Functional medicine evaluation
  2. Heath issues and pain assessment
  3. Voedingsscreening
  4. Laboratory testing findings assessment
  5. Supplementation assessment
  6. Lifestyle analyse
  7. Discuss the root cause of your issue
  8. Customized treatment plan
  1. Discuss the root cause of your issue
  2. Customized treatment plan
  3. Review requested laboratory testing findings
  4. Supplementation re-assessment
  1. Chronische vermoeidheid
  2. Fibromyalgie
  3. Auto-immuunziekten
  4. suikerziekte
  5. Overgewicht
  6. Gecompromitteerd immuunsysteem
  7. Hoge bloeddruk
  8. Hoge cholesterol
  9. Spijsverteringsproblemen
  10. Schildklierproblemen
  11. neuropathie
  12. migraine
  13. allergieën
  14. Astma
  15. Artritis
  16. Spanning
  17. ziekte van Lymes
  18. Lupus
  19. osteoporose
  20. Slaapapneu
  21. Reumatoïde artritis
  22. Hartinfarct
  23. Chronische obstructieve longziekte (COPD
  24. Alzheimer's disease
  25. Dementie
  26. Spondylitis ankylopoetica
  27. Aandachtstekort/hyperactiviteitsstoornis (ADHD)
  28. epileptische aanvallen

The suggestions given during consultations and evaluations as it relates to nutrition, diet, supplement or detox recommendations are purely for prevention and educational purposes and isn’t meant for diagnosing patients. Doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners are the healthcare providers who have the authority to authorize patients to stop or start specific medical interventions. We encourage patients to conduct their own research as it pertains to the decisions they make for themselves. We support the current research. It is very important that each patient contact their physician and communicate any changes to their healthcare regimen. Failing to make changes without consulting with your physician can be dangerous. By clicking the “I agree” button, you are stating that you understand this information.

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