Arm Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Arm pain can come from a variety of injuries occurring to the arm, joint, or nerves.  Arm pain can either occur suddenly or come on over time depending on the injury.  Most arm pain is an onset due to neck or shoulder injuries.  Be aware that arm pain that radiates on the left side could be an indication of a heart attack.  

Causes of Arm Pain

  1. Angina 
  2. Brachial Plexus injury
  3. Broken arm 
  4. Broken wrist/hand
  5. Pinched nerve 
  6. Tendinitis 
  7. Bursitis
  8. Frozen shoulder
  9. Rotator cuff tear
  10. Osteoarthritis
  11. Rheumatoid arthritis  

Arm pain symptoms 

  1. Arm redness and tenderness
  2. Arm swelling
  3. Arm muscle weakness 
  4. Swollen lymph glands under the armpit 

Arm Pain Treatment 

ASTR treats arm pain in a gentle, effective, and natural way by addressing muscle imbalances, scar tissue, trigger points,  Fascia restrictions, inflammation, posture, body mechanics which are often the source of the pain. ASTR takes a holistic approach to address the root causes of pain, not just the symptoms. ASTR treatment can be done at home for arm pain

Arm Pain Home Treatment

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