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Joseph Jacobs, DPT, ASTRs, ACN

During my final year of PT school and my second year of marriage, I received my second cancer diagnosis, underwent surgery and radiation and nearly died. I struggled with chronic fatigue, headaches and pain. My wife, had also been suffering with severe jaw pain due to all of the stress she was under as a teacher. I went to different specialists, took continuing education classes hoping I would be able to find a solution, but nothing worked. One morning, my wife woke up with lock jaw. She couldn’t open her mouth to eat or drink and she was in excruciating pain. My wife begged me to try anything I could to help her. I started experimenting with different maneuvers inside and outside her mouth and within minutes, she could open her mouth pain free. I was shocked. I didn’t know what I had done or how I had done it, but I knew that what I had done had worked. I wanted to know if I could use those same maneuvers to relieve pain throughout the body. This was my motivation as I began researching and eventually developing ASTR.