The story of Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR) began in 2011 when Dr. Jacob’s wife was suffering from intense TMJ/ Jaw pain for over 3 years. After the dentist gave her a mouth guard that didn’t relieve her symptoms, Dr. Jacobs took classes and researched various treatments regarding TMJ pain. He tried many of these approaches attempting to relieve her pain, but had no success. 

One morning, Dr. Jacobs’s wife woke up unable to open her jaw (a condition called lock jaw). She couldn’t open her mouth to talk or eat, so he tried some traditional physical therapy techniques attempting to relieve her pain. He felt discouraged as each of these techniques failed to resolve her condition. Finally, his wife urged him to try anything to relieve her pain.  At this point Dr. Jacobs begain to experiment on her jaw with new maneuvers. To his surprise, only a few minutes later, his wife was able to open her jaw without pain. She was pain free, and this technique had only taken a few minutes to work! 

After that, ASTR began to develop as Dr. Jacobs became motivated to adapt this concept into maneuvers to treat the entire body and relieve his patients’ pain faster. Since 2011, ASTR has grown into a comprehensive specialty that includes a variety of ASTR tools and over 125 maneuvers that treat ailments over the whole body. The ASTR specialty continues to advance through on going research and new findings.

Joseph Jacobs, DPT, ASTRs

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Inventor of ASTR