Chiropractic Manual Therapy

The word chiropractic comes from a Greek word meaning “done by hand”. Chiropractic manual therapy is used to manipulate and massage the spine to re-align or adjust any issues.  All techniques used within a chiropractic clinic focus on correcting structural misalignments in the body to alleviate discomfort. In chiropractic manual therapy, chiropractors primarily use manipulation. Manipulation involves twisting the neck or back to the end of its normal range, then giving a sudden thrust. Manipulation often results in a pop or click, which is the result of the release of the pressure in the joint, similar to cracking one’s knuckles.

Who uses Chiropractic Manual Therapy

Chiropractic manual therapy is used by many health care practitioners such as physical therapists and occupational therapists, but mainly by chiropractors. Chiropractic therapy has many skilled, specific, hands-on techniques that diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint structures.

What does Chiropractic Manual Therapy Treat?

Chiropractic manual therapy has been used to treat neuromusculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, neck pain, muscle tension headaches, and several other conditions. It is shown to reduce pain and increase range of motion.  This is not long-term pain relief.