Magnet Disclaimer

ASTR Institute is not liable or responsible for any injury, destruction or harm the MagnaHeal may cause as a result of its use. Before purchasing the MagnaHeal, the purchaser attests that they have read and understand the following warnings:

Contraindications: MagnaHeal should be avoided if you have one of the following:
  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Any electronics in your body
  • Seizure

The purchaser attests that he/she takes 100% responsibility for all injuries and damages that the MagnaHeal could potentially cause. This includes injury to self or others, damage to property and damage to the MagnaHeal. The purchaser must consent with these terms before purchasing the MagnaHeal.

ASTR Institute will provide an estimate of the pull force for the MagnaHeal, but we are not responsible for any discrepancy or inaccuracy of the magnets pull force. Please test the pull force before you use it.

MagnaHeal is very powerful. It is essential that it be handled carefully to avoid damage to the magnet and injury to self or others. Magnets that are the same size or larger than a 2 inch cube have the potential to cause very serious damage to fingers if the fingers are caught in between the 2 magnets. Bones can break and fingertips can be lost. 

MagnaHeal is breakable. If it is dropped or hit, it can break or splinter. Wear gloves and protective eyewear when holding and using the MagnaHeal as splinters and/or spacers could come apart and fly out from the MagnaHeal.

  • If MagnaHeal is heated above 175 degrees Farenheit or 80 degrees Celsius, it will lose its magnetic property.
  • MagnaHeal has a very powerful magnetic field and can damage the following: computers, televisions, computer monitors, data carriers, phones, electronic devices, credit cards, watches, hearing aids, pacemakers, etc.
  • Pacemakers are a contraindication and may be damaged if exposed to the MagnaHeal. Patients with pacemakers need to stay at least 3 feet away from the MagnaHeal. 
  • Children should not use or touch the MagnaHeal as it can be dangerous and pose a choking hazard. Children can choke on the magnet and this can cause damage internally. MagnaHeal is only to be used externally. 
  • The MagnaHeal should not be altered at all. No cutting, drilling or sawing of the MagnaHeal is allowed. Particles from the MagnaHeal from cutting can cause a very dangerous environment as the particles are highly flammable. The magnet will break if sawed, cut or drilled. MagnaHeal should never be burned due to the toxic this would create.