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Mallet Finger: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

What Is Mallet Finger?

Mallet finger is an injury to the tendon that straightens the end of the finger or thumb.  Mallet finger is also known as baseball finger, however this injury can occur to anyone if an object, such as a ball strikes the tip of the finger or thumb causing the finger to bend further that it is supposed to go.  As a result of this injury, the individual is unable to straighten the tip of the finger or thumb actively.  There are three different mallet finger injuries that can occur, 1. Damage to the tendon, but there is no fracture.  2. Tendon ruptured accompanied by small fracture.  3. Tendon ruptures with a large fraction present.  Complications accompanied by mallet finger include soreness, scarring, limitations in finger flexion.

Causes of Mallet Finger 

  1. Cut finger
  2. Jammed finger
  3. Crushed finger 

Mallet Finger Symptoms 

  1. Bruised, painful, swollen finger 
  2. Droopy fingertip
  3. Difficult time straightening out the finger without assistance 

Mallet Finger Treatment 

ASTR treats mallet finger in a gentle, effective, and natural way by addressing muscle imbalances, scar tissue, trigger points,  fascia restrictions, inflammation, posture, body mechanics which are often the source of the pain. ASTR takes a holistic approach to address the root causes of pain, not just the symptoms. ASTR treatment can be done at home for mallet finger.

Mallet Finger Home Treatment

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