Manual Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy is a form of physical therapy that is performed with the hands. This is a specialized form of treatment that puts pressure on muscle tissue in an attempt to decrease any pain caused by muscle spasm, tension, and joint dysfunction. 

Who uses Manual Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, osteopathic doctors are among the practitioners that commonly use this technique.

What is Manual Physical Therapy used for?

This hands-on therapy helps treat the lack of range of motion. The limitation of movement within the joints can cause discomfort, pain, and an alteration in posture. Manual physical therapy relaxes tense muscles and restricted joints in order to decrease pain. It is used to restore mobility back into the joints while reducing muscle tension.

How is Manual Physical Therapy Performed?

Some techniques in manual physical therapy are soft tissue work, manipulations and mobilization. Soft tissue work includes massage which applies pressure to a specific area of the body, and helps relax the muscles while releasing tension and stress. Manipulation and mobilization use specified movement with different speeds and force to help with joint immobilization, and help increase flexibility and re-alignment.  

Treatment with Manual Physical Therapy

After treatment with manual physical therapy, there is typically a decrease in pain and increase in mobilization/range of motion. This treatment also reduces inflammation, promotes relaxation, and improves overall function of the joint.  It also claims to speed up the healing process.