Muscle Energy Technique

Muscle energy technique (MET) is another form of manual therapy that is commonly used to help the areas around the spine and the extremities. This technique aims to treat weakness within a muscle or a group of muscles, is used to correct asymmetry, and helps with immobilization. It is also used to stretch, strengthen, and relax muscles. MET is frequently used to correct lumbopelvic pain, somatic dysfunction, decreased range of motion and muscular hypertonicity. 

Who Uses Muscle Energy Technique?

Physical therapists, sports therapists, occupational therapist, massage therapists and osteopathic doctors are among the practitioners that commonly use this technique.

How is the Muscle Energy Technique Performed?

In this procedure, the practitioner will instruct the patient to contract a specific muscle in a controlled direction while a distinct counterforce is applied by the practitioner.  Voluntary muscle contractions by the patient will be done at varying intensities on the practitioners command. 

Muscle Energy Technique Treatment

Treatment using muscle energy technique evaluates the range of motion and the strength of the muscle. It then uses isometric contractions to relieve immobility and increase muscle strength. Although the effectiveness of MET as an isolated treatment has not been determined, it does claim to immediately help with mobilization of the joints. When used with resistance training, lower back pain may decrease.