What does myofascial mean? “Myo” means muscle and “fascial” means soft tissue, so myofascial is the soft tissue surrounding and separating the muscles. Myofascial is very strong, very flexible, and resembles a spiderman suit wrapping the muscle. There is no beginning or end to myofascial, it is continuous. Fascia wraps around the whole body and connects each body part to each other. In a normal, healthy state myofascial has the ability to stretch and move without any restrictions. During any trauma or overuse, the myofascial loses its durability, causing tightness and restriction. Keeping healthy fascia and myofascial will help with sustaining good posture, range or motion in your joints, and flexibility.


How ASTR can Treat Problems with the Myofascial

Advanced Soft Tissue Release (abbreviated as ASTR) is a new manual therapy specialty that is revolutionizing the way patients experience long-term pain relief. ASTR treats pain in a gentle, effective, and natural way by releasing scar tissue, trigger points, and fascia restriction. If you are experiencing any tightness or restrictions in a muscle or joint, Advanced Soft Tissue Release may help relieve those symptoms and look at the underlying cause of the issue. Manual therapy can be performed by a physical therapist that specializes in ASTR. ASTR clinicians are trained in effective techniques that do not cause additional pain or stress to the patient’s body. Learn how ASTR can help you or watch testimonial videos of patients who experienced pain relief through ASTR treatment.