Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain is pain in a limb that is no longer attached to the body.  This pain is coming from the brain and spinal cord.  The brain recognizes the body’s nerves and adjusts to the changes of the amputation.  Pain and symptoms may get weaker and weaker, but may not fully subside.  Some individuals may even develop neuromas on the amputated nerves, blood clots, pnemoina, psychological problems, and slow wound healing.  Determination of phantoms limb treatment depends on patients pain level and symptoms.   

Causes of Phantom Limb Pain 

The amputated limb has nerve endings in the are of the amputation which continue to send pain and sensation signals to the brain and spinal cord even though the limb is gone.  This causes for that pain and sensation to be felt as if the limb were still there.  The brain’s memory of the sensation of that limb is retained.  

Phantom Limb Pain Symptoms 

  • A sensation in the limb that was amputated such as tingling, cramping, hot or cold, and pain in general 
  • Sensation as if the limb is moving in a weird position or getting shorter. 

Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain 

  • Advanced soft tissue release is a holistic, non-invasive, and pain free approach to pain relief without the use of medication. 
  • Our doctors use a variety of patented ASTR tools the break up the scar tissue and myofasical restriction causing for a reduction in pain and symptom relief.
  • Each patient is given a specialized exercise program to allow to a decrease in inflammation, and the ability to strengthen the muscle to help the patient return back to normal function and be able to accomplish normal activities.  
  • Special instruction is given to provide the patient with the opportunity to have the fastest recovery time possible.