Trigger Points

Trigger points occur within the muscle and cause it to continuously contract and causes the muscle to tighten.  These trigger points are tight areas or knots within the muscle and can be as small as a bean or as large as a ping pong ball.  They can also be located in the soft tissue, scar tissue, ligaments, or tendons. Trigger points can produce back, neck, or jaw pain and can commonly be misdiagnosed as arthritis or tendonitis, bursitis, or tennis elbow.


Trigger Point Symptoms

ASTR uses holistic, noninvasive and pain free approaches to relieving inflammation and pain without the use of medication.  Our doctors use patented ASTR tools to break down and clear the existing scar tissue and myofasical restriction in patients.  Specific special exercise programs are given to patients that are designed to reduce inflammation and strengthen the muscle to bring the patient back to a normal functioning and activity.