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1.  Who can take the online class?

     Anyone can take the online class.


2.  Who can buy ASTR instrument tools?

     Anyone can buy the tools, but only healthcare providers can treat patients with the instruments after meeting the certification requirements. 


3.  Who can be certified as an ASTR health care provider?

Only healthcare providers that meet the certification requirements.


4.  Why should I Become Certified?

Once you complete the ASTR online course and receive your certificate, you will be able to treat patients using ASTR. The purpose of becoming certified is to ensure that healthcare providers are properly educated regarding use of the instruments and patient safety. These providers are the only ones who are allowed to use the tools on patients or other individuals.


5.  What makes ASTR’s treatment model different than other methods? 

ASTR is a unique biopsychosocial treatment model that utilizes unique ASTR instruments, maneuvers, theories, and methodologies to treat pain at its source. Click here for ASTR educational videos.


6.  How long will I have access to the online course?

After paying for the course, you will have access to the online class for 2 years. You can go at your own pace. The pre-recorded material is available 24/7 with internet access. 


7. What is the certification process?


8.  When will I get my certificate?

Healthcare providers who submit the correct paperwork, pass the tests and watch all of the instructional videos will receive the certificate and their name and contact info will be posted on our website. 


9.  How long will it take for Dr. Jacobs to respond to emails?

Dr. Jacobs responds to emails during the week and usually takes 24-48 hours to respond.


10.  How long will it take to complete the study material?

It can take as little as two weekends to complete the study material. There are approximately 13 hours of videos to watch and 6 tests to complete. The time it takes to complete all of the study material is subject to the individual. 


11.  What boards will accept the CEU’s?

Click here for a list of the boards. We provide CEU’s hours certificate that you can submit it to your board. 


12.  How can I contact Dr. Jacobs? 

You can contact Dr. Jacobs through the contact information listed below:


Phone Number: 1-888-210-ASTR 


13.  What are the certification requirements? 

Click here for the certification requirements.


14.  Where can I watch a treatment using ASTR model before signing up for the class?

There are over 250 treatment and testimonial videos provided by Dr. Jacobs. Click here to access these videos.


15.  Is it possible to get hands on training using ASTR methods?

Yes, you can shadow Dr. Jacobs and receive hands on training for an additional fee.  


16.  Are there any available group discounts for the online course?

There are group discounts 5 or more practitioners who sign up at the sign time. No other discounts can be applied to the group rate.