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Hip/ Knee Testimonials


“After having 18 months of traditional physical therapy after two knee surgeries to replace my ACL, I was skeptical that anything more could be done to help my knee pain and stiffness. After just one visit, I was amazed with the results that Doctor Jacobs was able to produce with his Advanced Soft Tissue Release technique! He was very thorough, courteous, and helpful throughout the visit. He took the time to explain the technique to me and how it works. I was very impressed with how my knee responded and loosened up, especially since it has been two years since my original surgery. I went in a skeptic and now I’m a believer!” 

Mychal T.

Knee Pain

(Pheonix, AZ)


“I went to Doctor Jacobs to address two problems: painful aches and what I thought was sciatica. He discovered that my real problems were planter fasciitis and a pelvis that was out of alignment. His treatment has relieved my pain and the exercises he has me doing should completely relieve my symptoms in a reasonable amount of time.”

Linda W.


(Lake Forest, CA) 

Watch testimonial videos of patients who relief from hip and knee pain through Advanced Soft Tissue Release!