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Home Physical Therapy

With our step-by-step, home physical therapy programs and easy to use tool kit, Dr. Jacobs will show you how to quickly treat your pain at home. Our home physical therapy online programs are just over an hour long each and mimic the program you would go through if you were a patient in our clinic. For some maneuvers, you may need someone to assist you.

What You Will Learn In Our Home Physical Therapy Programs:

  1. How to relieve your pain at home
  2. How to use ASTR tool kit to relieve your pain
  3. How to release scar tissue and fascia restriction
  4. Proper ergonomics such as sleeping posture, computer posture, gait, body mechanics, etc.
  5. Home exercise programs to relieve your pain
  6. How to decrease risk of injury in the future
  7. Anti Inflammatory supplements
  8. Anti Inflammatory diet

Home Physical Therapy Program : Physical Therapy Home Self-treatment

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