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Advanced Soft Tissue Release®  (ASTR®) is changing the way that patients experience Long-Term pain relief. ASTR was developed in 2011 by Dr. Joseph Jacobs, Doctor of Physical Therapy. Dr.Jacobs is a cancer survivor who used to suffer from chronic migraines, headaches, fatigue and pain Before he invented ASTR. ASTR specialty addresses acute and chronic pain unlike anything else. With Patented, strategically designed instruments, over 125 maneuvers, unique patient assessments, and tactically drafted treatment protocols, ASTR is designed to target the source of pain and dramatically reduce it, increasing range of motion, and essentially improving people’s quality of life.



ASTR: The Future of Medicine



What Is ASTR?


ASTR is a biopsychosocial treatment model that utilizes unique ASTR instruments, maneuvers, theories and methodologies to treat pain at its source. ASTR treatment includes working on multiple aspects including: scar tissue, fascia restriction, trigger points, muscles spasms, ergonomics, gait, exercise, nutrition, inflammation, stress management, and behavior modification. Results from a recent neck study conducted on ASTR patients found that there was an 87% success rate for patients who went through our program! Find out more here!