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Neck Pain Testimonials


“Before treatment, I had very limited range of motion when turning my neck from side to side or bending forward. After one treatment, I felt a release and could bend and turn my neck with less stress. The treatment was pain free, not invasive and better than any massage I’ve ever had!”


Neck Pain


(Mission Viejo, CA)

“I walked in with TMJ, limited range of motion and pain in my neck and shoulders (with shooting pain above my right ear). After just one treatment, my neck and shoulders got immediate relief! After 3 treatments, my sharp shooting pain above my ear was gone. I’m confident that with “Advanced Soft Tissue Release,” and my diligence in following the exercise program provided, I will soon feel like new again.”
Margarete E.


(Mission Viejo, CA)


Watch testimonial videos of patients who experienced relief from neck pain through Advanced Soft Tissue Release.