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Osteopathic Doctor (DO): Definition & Education

Who Is Osteopathic Doctor?

Osteopathic Doctors (also called DOs or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine) are fully qualified physicians, similar to medical doctors (MDs), and are licensed to practice a full scope of medicine and surgery. Their approach to medicine is more holistic than that of a medical doctor, and they regard the body as an integrated whole rather, than just treating symptoms of an ailment.

What kind of education osteopathic doctor should have?

Education: An osteopathic doctor must complete 4 years of doctoral education with additional internships, residencies, and fellowships. Their education is similar to that of medical doctors, but includes an additional 300-500 hours of studying hands-on manual medicine and the body’s musculoskeletal system. They also must pass state licensing exams. 

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