Traditional Therapy



– Average patient will see 6 specialists (PT, Chiro, Massage, etc.)

1425 treatments

– Inconsistent outcomes1

83% of patients experience significant pain relief within 1st session1

87% were still pain free 1-2 years later based on ASTR neck study1


– Painful

– Invasive

– Inconsistent outcomes1

– Gentle

– Effective1

– Fast outcomes1


$4,516 – $9,680 (copays & deductibles)1

Step-By-Step. Easy To Use. Fast Results.

How do ASTR’s online step-by-step treatment programs and tool kit work?

With our easy to use tool kit and online step-by-step home treatment programs, you’ll have everything you need to quickly relieve pain from the comfort of your home! We have nine online home treatment programs to treat the full body! You can choose one or bundle multiple online programs together to save! Each program is around 1.5 hours long and mimics the same program you would go through in clinic with Dr. Jacobs. For some maneuvers, you may need someone to assist you.


How long do home treatments take?

Your treatment sessions will take around 5-10 minutes per day for the body part you wish to treat and most patients experience significant pain relief within their first three sessions! Most patients will complete the program and be back to normal within 3-9 days.


What will I learn in the home treatment program? 

All of our online home treatment programs include everything below and are specifically designed to address the body part you wish to treat.

– How to relieve your pain at home

– How to use ASTR’s tool kit to relieve your pain

– How to release scar tissue and fascia restriction

– Proper ergonomics such as proper posture, gait, body mechanics, computer posture & sleep posture

– Behavior modification to decrease your pain

– Exercises

– How to decrease risk of injury in the future

– Anti Inflammatory supplements

– Anti Inflammatory diet


Can I treat my entire body with the patient tool kit and what tools are included? 

Absolutely! We intentionally designed our patient tool kit to provide you with every tool you need to treat whatever condition you may have. Today or next year! Here are the tools you’ll receive:

  • – A1 Fascia Tool: used for superficial and aponeurotic fascia release (large size)
  • – A3 scar tissue tool: used for scar tissue release (large size)
  • – A5 deep fascia tool: used for very deep fascia such as perimysium & endomysium, visceral release and deep scar tissue release
  • – MagnaHeal: used to speed up the healing process, decrease pain and inflammation
  • – ACE Bandage
  • – Hard case

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