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Pediatric Testimonials

“I had a neck spasm three days ago and I couldn’t move my neck. My neck was stiff and my shoulder was really numb. Now I have almost no pain. I had three treatments and now I can move my neck.”

Neck Pain

“I brought my daughter, Daisy, in because she had several x-rays showing that her scoliosis curve was at 53 degrees. She was very lopsided. Doctors said that there was no hope- that it was surgery or nothing. I came to Dr. Jacobs to see if there was anything we could do. Daisy has had amazing progress! I barely notice it when she’s walking in front of me. She’s much more straight. She walks totally different. She looks 90% better than she did before we came here! Dr. Jacob’s released the tightness of her scar tissue so that her spine wasn’t being pulled anymore. Sessions are pain-free and she never complains about treatment!”
Daughter has Scoliosis

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