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Physical Therapy Courses 


What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the field of medicine and rehabilitation that specifically focuses in on injuries and neuromuscular damage.  Physical therapy courses are taught using ASTR.  Advanced Soft Tissue Release will touch on techniques and designed to treat the patients pain free and have long lasting results.  This type of therapy is used by physical therapists and covers different styles of manual therapy designed to specifically treat conditions according to the diagnosis.  

The physical therapy courses covers specific manipulations, mobilizations, and massages that pertain specifically to ASTR.  Advanced Soft Tissue Release’s techniques are revolutionizing the way patients experience long term pain relief.  These hands on treatments are a gentle, non invasive, and effective way to implement and release scar tissue, trigger points, and fascia restriction.  The physical therapy courses are designed to specifically train clinicians to avoid causing more pain or stress to the patients body.  The idea to to have inflammation subside so that the body can be worked on while keeping treatment pain free. 

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