ASTR Myofascial Release Tool


2. Pain Relief Cream to be used with ASTR tools *

For pain, inflammation & speed up healing


Are you a Physical or Occupational Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist or Athletic Trainer? Do you want your patients to experience fast pain relief through an evidence based practice? Would like to treat patients faster using a fraction of the energy?

Look no further! ASTR’s patented instruments are ergonomically designed to save practitioner hands and provide fast pain relief!

So why wait?

Treat patients today with ASTR!

ASTR Exceptionally Different

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ASTR IASTM/ Graston/ Gua Sha
Long-term results X
Ergonomically designed X
Pain-free treatment X
Superficial scar tissue release
Deep scar tissue release X
Myofascial release X
Trigger point release X
Decrease inflammation X
Exercise protocols X
Treatment protocols X
Biopsychosocial model X

ASTR is a new treatment approach that treats pain at its source. Our patented tools gently break down scar tissue and fascia restriction, while reducing the inflammation that often causes chronic pain. ASTR addresses proper nutrition, inflammation, posture, body mechanics, ergonomics, lifestyle changes and exercise. Our high quality and up to date courses and easy to use tool kits can provide fast AND long term pain relief for patients in pain.

  1. Relieve pain
  2. Increase joint range of motion
  3. Decrease muscle spasm
  4. Speed up healing process
  5. Scar tissue release
  6. Superficial and deep fascia release
  7. Visceral release


  • A1 Fascia Tool: used for superficial and aponeurotic fascia release (big size)
  • A2 Fascia Tool : used for superficial and deep fascia release such as aponeurotic, epimysium, perimysium fascia (small size)
  • A3 Scar Tissue Tool: used for scar tissue release (big size)
  • A4 Scar Tissue Tool: used for scar tissue release (small size)
  • A5 Deep Fascia & Scar Tissue Tool: used for very deep fascia such as perimysium, endomysium & visceral release and deep scar tissue release.
  • Hard case
  • MagnaHeal: used for speeding up the healing process and decrease inflammation. MagnaHeal >

MagnaHeal is a strong, rare earth neodymium magnet that is coated with an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps speed up the healing process and decreases inflammation. MagnaHeal utilizes a proprietary magnetic field and an anti-inflammatory coating. MagnaHeal >

  1. Relieve headaches
  2. Relieve chronic pain
  3. Decrease inflammation
  4. Speed up the healing process
  5. Increase joint range of motion
  6. Decrease muscle spasm
  7. Relieve arthritic pain
  8. Relieve nerve pain
  1. 1 MagnaHeal 1
  2. 1 ACE bandage
  3. 1 Case
  4. Instruction video

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
1. Options

A1 Large Fascia Tool, A2 Small Fascia Tool, A3 Large Scar Tissue Tool, A4 Small Scar Tissue Tool, A5 Deep Fascia Tool, MagnaHeal 1

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