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What is ASTR?  

ASTR is a biopsychosocial treatment model that uses unique patented tools, maneuvers and methodologies to quickly treat pain at its source. ASTR treatment addresses inflammation, by looking at patients nutrition and bloodwork, scar tissue and fascia release, trigger points and muscle spasms, ergonomics and posture, body mechanics, gait, exercise and behavior modification.


Why do providers choose ASTR?

There are 3 main reasons why healthcare providers choose ASTR 

1. Our tools work fast and are ergonomically designed with providers in mind: 

Before ASTR, I was exhausted treating dozens of patients every day, doing 20 min of manual therapy per patient just to treat 1 BODY PART! I started to suffer from carpal tunnel and chronic shoulder pain from all of the work I was putting into each patient. With ASTR tools, providers use minimal energy and can treat multiple body parts within 5-10 minutes!


2. Our tools work effectively

Before ASTR, I would see patients for 3-6 months before discharging them and many would return later with the same issue. Based on a recent ASTR neck study, 83% of patients experienced significant pain relief and increased range of motion within their 1st ASTR treatment and 87% were still pain free from the original diagnosis when we followed up with them 1-2 years later.


3. Our tools work gently:

Unfortunately, patients are conditioned to believe that in order for treatment to be effective, it has to be painful and invasive. At ASTR, our approach to treatment is always virtually pain free. We believe pain is the body’s protective mechanism to keep us safe. ASTR’s tools gently glide on the skin and don’t cause trauma or bruising. Patients describe treatment as gentle and relaxing and they actually look forward to treatment! As a result, patient satisfaction and trust in their healthcare provider grows and they become loyal customers as a result.


Who can take ASTR’s online course?

Anyone! Physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopathic doctors and nurses name just a few of the healthcare professionals who take our online courses and purchase tools!


How do I achieve best outcomes with my patients using ASTR?

For best outcomes, we recommend taking the online course with the tool kit and adding on two Magnaheals. This is everything you need to get started!


How long will I have access to the course?

One year. There is a renewal fee after this expires.


How long will it take to finish the course?

Most providers complete our online course within one weekend, but you can take your time and learn at your own pace. You can jump to the sections that interest you or you can learn from beginning to end. Whatever works for you! With over 14 hours of recorded content, you have everything you need to learn the basics of ASTR, including extensive practice of the manual therapy portion of our treatment model. 


Is testing included?

Yes. At the end of each course section, you will have an opportunity to take the online test for each section. The online videos will prepare you for the tests and we do not charge providers for testing. 


Will I receive CEU’s?

Yes, upon completion of the online course and online tests, you will be able to print your CEU certificate at no charge.

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