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Rolfing: Treatment Goals & Alternative Treatment


What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a soft tissue mobilization and movement specialty that manipulates the myofascial system.  It works with all the body’s layers claiming to reduce chronic stress, reduce spinal curvature and enhance the function of the nervous system. 

Rolfing Treatment Goals:

Rolfing includes breaking the scar tissue in the body in order to rehabilitate injuries and increase the patient’s range of motion. One of Rolfing’s main goals is to improve the whole body’s overall alignment. 

How Many Rolfing Treatment Sessions Needed?

It is a 10 series treatment that addresses the superficial layers, deep tissue layers, integration and overall function, and balance. The treatment requires regular “tune-ups” anywhere from bimonthly to quarterly throughout the year.  

Rolfing v. ASTR

Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR)

ASTR’s treatment differs in that instead of only focusing on manipulating the myofascial system, there are several aspects of the body that are addressed.  Some of these focuses include fascia restriction, trigger points, muscle spasms, scar tissue, body mechanics, proper posture, and more.  ASTR is a noninvasive pain free manual therapy that breaks the scar tissue utilizing tools and the hands. ASTR tries to find and treat the source of the problem so that routine follow ups are only necessary if the body has been re-injured. ASTR retrains the body to practice proper posture and body mechanics along with strengthening exercises to prevent pain or future injuries from occurring.

Alternative To Rolfing: ASTR Home Treatment Program

ASTR Exceptionally Different

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