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Scar Tissue Pain

Scar tissue can occur after surgery, stress, injury, poor posture, poor body mechanics, and stress.  Scar tissue builds up around the affected area as part of the natural heal thing process.  The build up causes pressure on the nerves, restriction of blood flow to the area, and lymph drainage in the scar tissue.  Scar tissue pain is the sensation caused by the pressure on the nerves along with the lack of oxygen reaching the injured area due to the lack of blood flow.

Common symptoms of Scar Tissue Pain include:

  1. Sudden impulses of pain
  2. Movement restriction
  3. Neuropathic pain
  4. Numbness
  5. Improper posture
  6. Tissue hypoxia
  7. Muscle atrophy

Scar Tissue Pain Treatment

The Center for Advanced Soft Tissue Release utilizes trained clinicians with patented tools specifically designed to break up and remove scar tissue without causing pain.  Removing the scar tissue along with stretching promotes the natural healing process by releasing tightness within the muscles, fascia, and tendons.  The technique is designed to be a fast, non-invasive, and long-term pain relief.

Scar Tissue Release Tools

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