Stop Depression Naturally – BioPsycho Therapy (BPT): Applications,  Components, Magnetic Therapy & Treatment

What is BioPsycho Therapy? 

BioPsycho Therapy is a novel psychotherapy approach, which employs non-invasive magnetic fields for the stimulation of nerve cells located in the human brain. These magnetic fields and the corresponding stimulation of the nerve cells are associated with the storage and recall of traumatic events and emotional responses during the execution of the BioPsycho Therapy treatment. The BioPsycho Therapy approach focuses on recalling, desensitizing, and replacing stressful emotions and traumatic events from the past. This treatment approach is based on the utilization of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotional behavior, trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and positive psychology principles. 

Applications of BioPsycho Therapy

BioPsycho Therapy treatment is utilized in the treatment of many psychological and physical disorders. These include anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, panic disorder, chronic pain, stress management, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma and stress-related disorders, and paranoid personality disorder (PPD). 

Magnetic Fields in BioPsycho Therapy 

Magnetic fields can pass through tissues without being diminished and without producing any harmful effects. Their resulting ability to deliver stimulation wirelessly to targets of arbitrary depth in the body has motivated their use as a minimally invasive means to control neural activity. One approach to utilizing magnetic fields involved the induction of electric currents in the brain, which can either elicit or suppress action potentials, such as in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). 

TMS is a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain form improving the symptoms of depression. TMS treatment comprises about 36 sessions over a period of 9 weeks, with each session being 40 minutes long. For the first 6 weeks of TMS treatment, there are 5 treatment sessions per week. According to a study discussing the clinical efficacy of repetitive TMS (rTMS) in non-treatment-resistant patients with major depressive disorder, rTMS is clinically effective in patients who have to produce a therapeutic response to ≤ 1 medication therapy. 

The underlying mechanism of TMS and its role in the treatment of depression is reflected by the role of the amygdala in hijacking the sympathetic nervous system of the human body. The sympathetic nervous system is associated with an increased heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, sweating, and muscle tension along with the predominance of irrational behavior. On the contrary, the frontal lobe is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system of the human body. It is associated with decreased heart rate,, blood pressure, breathing rate, and muscle tension along with the predominance of rational behavior. 

Components of BioPsycho Therapy

The three main components of BioPsycho Therapy include recall, desensitization, and replacement of traumatic events and emotions that are associated with the development and progression of depression. “Recall” involves the recalling of fears, memories, and traumatic events. This is followed by “desensitization”, which involves the amygdala, using the MagnaHeal Pro. The last step is “replacing” the traumatic events, memories, and fears with positive and rational thoughts. 

MagnaHeal and Treatment of Depression 

The MagnaHeal device by ASTR is a neodymium magnet, which is coated with anti-inflammatory substances, which promote the process of healing and resolve inflammation. ASTR offers MagnaHeal 1, MagnaHeal 2, and MagnaHeal Pro devices. MagnaHeal Pro has a larger treatment area of 8 inches compared to the treatment areas of MagnaHeal 1 and MagnaHeal 2 with treatment areas of 2 inches and 3 inches, respectively. The magnetic force of MagnaHeal 1, MagnaHeal 2, and MagnaHeal Pro is 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4.5 inches, respectively. The magnetic field strength of MagnaHeal Pro is extremely strong compared to the other two devices. One of the drawbacks of MagnaHeal Pro is that this device is not wearable compared to MagnaHeal 1 and MagnaHeal 2 which come with ACE bandages and adjustable belts, respectively. 

BioPsycho Therapy Course Information 

ASTR offers a comprehensive BioPsycho Therapy course to individuals for them to learn and apply the different techniques to promote their healing and accelerate their recovery from depression. The BPT course comprises self-paced home-based learning, session videos explaining step-by-step maneuvers, lamination summary protocols that be utilized in clinics, and up to 2 hours of PowerPoint videos and lectures. The also offers the learners downloadable forms, patient handouts, and PowerPoint.  The learners get access to an online course for a year and are also offered 3 CEUs. Anyone interested in learning and applying biopyschotherapy approaches can take this course. 

In the BioPsycho Therapy, the individuals will learn about the basics of BioPsycho Therapy, the effect of magnetic fields on the human brain, the anatomy and physiology of the human brain, mental disorders, conscious and unconscious mind, ways to influence the autonomic nervous system, the process of BioPsycho Therapy, the session preparation for BioPsycho Therapy, the different clinical applications of BioPsycho Therapy, the treatment sessions and treatment protocols of biopyschotherapy, about the amygdala axis, ways for down-regulation of the sympathetic nervous system, and ways for desensitization of traumatic events, fears, and memories. 

Certification Requirements and Other Prerequisites

Individuals taking the BioPsycho Therapy course from ASTR shall fulfill the following requirements in order to become eligible for the certificates. 

  1. Individuals shall complete the biopyschotherapy course
  2. Individuals shall pass the biopyschotherapy course online test
  3. Individuals shall complete all the zoom training sessions in the biopyschotherapy course
  4. Individuals shall have their own MagnaHeal Pro by ASTR 

Before using the MagnaHeal device on oneself or on the patients, one shall acknowledge the contraindications of this device. These include pregnancy, pacemakers, seizures, and the presence of any electronics in the body. 


Depression is a debilitating illness that influences the social, emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of individuals, affecting their quality of life as a whole. While TMS is a non-invasive procedure for treating depression in affected individuals, this treatment method is costly. A similar yet more affordable and convenient approach is the biopyschotherapy course by ASTR. This course helps the learners get acquainted with the normal anatomy and physiology of the human brain along with the autonomic nervous system implicated in depression pathophysiology. The program is based on three key processes including recall, desensitization, and replacement, which are aided by the MagnaHeal Pro device, which employs magnetic fields to promote healing.