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Whiplash is a forceful rapid back and forth movement of the neck.  It usually occurs after a car accident, physical abuse, trauma, or sports injury.  Sudden impact while the body is at rest forces the head backwards hyperextending the neck.  This jerking motion causes damage to soft tissue that holds the lower bones of the neck (lower cervical vertebrae).  Immediately after the head is thrown forward hyperflexing the neck and cousin damage to the soft tissue holding the upper bones of the neck (upper cervical vertebrae).  Both motions cause stretching of the muscles, and ligaments along with possible damage to the bones of the neck.  

Symptoms of Whiplash

Treatment of Whiplash 

The damage to the tissues, after whiplash occurs, moves the body into the healing process and builds up scar tissue all around the neck.  The scar tissue can be affectively broken down by the ASTR treatment. The Center for Advanced Soft Tissue Release utilizes trained clinicians with patented tools specifically designed to break up and release scar tissue and reduce inflammation without causing pain.  Removing the scar tissue along with stretching promotes the natural healing process by releasing tightness within the muscles, fascia, and tendons.  The technique is designed to be a fast, non-invasive, and long-term pain relief.