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Wrist/ Elbow Testimonials


“I have received treatment for my back and right wrist. I noticed a vast difference in my back after TWO visits. I felt back to normal after about a week. My wrist has nearly gained back all of its range of motion after two weeks and pain has reduced substantially. I would highly recommend Advanced Soft Tissue Release to anyone.”

Alex B.

Back Pain/Wrist Pain


(Lake Forest, CA)

“I was experiencing muscle strain in my forearm and my bicep. I had limited range of motion, I wasn’t able to sleep, and I wasn’t able to extend my arm. After three sessions, I was pain-free. And after my fourth session had full range of motion again, was able to sleep, and I’m actually going back and starting to work out. I’m very happy with the therapy and the results!”




Elbow/ Bicep Pain


Watch testimonial videos of patients who relief from wrist and elbow pain through Advanced Soft Tissue Release!