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Hand Pain Testimonials


“For a year, I couldn’t open my hand. My thumb had very limited movement without a lot of pain. It was difficult to lift anything, even small, or move my hand a certain way without pain. Last year I had two injections put into the area for pain management. And before that, I did about 5-6 months of chiropractic, but the pain would always come right back. As of today, I’ve had 3 ASTR treatments. I can open my hand completely and feel no pain at all. ASTR works! Without a doubt, it does work!
Hand Pain

“I am a stroke survivor. I had a stroke in December of 2010, and for the past 4 years, I have been in and out of numerous therapy/ rehab facilities. When I came to Dr. Jacobs, I still had some paralysis in my left hand and arm. Through Dr. Jacob’s ASTR program, he was able to break up scar tissue and get my fingers to start to move within two months of being here.” 
Stroke Survivor with Hand Paralysis

Watch testimonial videos of patients who experience relief from hand pain through Advanced Soft Tissue Release!