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Our Family’s Story Of Failure & Triumph

Almost four years ago, ironically right before the 2016 elections, my wife and I made the very difficult decision to close our PT clinic. Obamacare had taken a major toll on our lives, personally and professionally, the economy was still on the rocks and people were nervous about who would become President and how that would impact the economic climate of our country.

We spent 2017 re-assessing our values, strengths and long term goals and in the process, developed a new and innovative way to deliver our content and products to healthcare providers online. We opened ASTR Institute in 2018 and within just a year, it became very clear that we needed to expand our vision as a company. In the Fall of 2019, we created a new market category and launched ASTR’s online step-by-step home treatment programs and tool kits for patients. In less than six months, our home treatment programs and kits surpassed our provider sales; allowing us to function almost 100% as an online business.

With every box that we prepare and ship, we are humbly reminded of where we were four years ago; with barely enough cash in our account to get our business through another month. With each online course we sell, we are encouraged and reminded that our products and services are relevant and that you trust and believe in what we are doing.

We are so thankful for the hard times we have gone through. We have learned to listen to God’s direction more obediently, we have become more flexible and willing to change course to meet your needs and we have learned to persevere despite all odds.

Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs

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