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Shoulder Dislocation: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment 

What Is Shoulder Dislocation?

A shoulder dislocation is when the top of a person’s arm comes out of the socket.  This is because the shoulder joint is generally unstable making it more likely to slip out of place.  A shoulder dislocation usually causes the tissues and nerves surrounding the shoulder joint to become damaged. Many shoulder dislocations can cause chronic instability and weakness within the joint.  Complications from shoulder dislocations may include muscle, ligaments, and tendon tears, damage to the nerve or blood vessels or the shoulder, and the shoulder becoming unstable.

Causes of Shoulder Dislocation 

  1. Falling on Shoulder 
  2. Being hit on shoulder
  3. Falling on an outstretched arm 
  4. Twisting arm       
  5. Shoulder Dislocation Symptoms 
  6. Pain within the shoulder or arm with movement 
  7. Numbness in the shoulder 
  8. A bump may appear in the front of back of the shoulder 

Shoulder Dislocation Treatment

ASTR treats shoulder dislocation in a gentle, effective, and natural way by addressing muscle imbalances, scar tissue, trigger points,  fascia restrictions, inflammation, posture, body mechanics which are often the source of the pain. ASTR takes a holistic approach to address the root causes of pain, not just the symptoms. ASTR treatment can be done at home for shoulder dislocation.

Shoulder Dislocation Home Treatment

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