Spondylosis is one of the most common causes of lower back pain.  Spondylosis is when there is a defect in the connecting part of the vertebrae. The vertebrae are the bones that connect together to make up the spine.  With a defect such as spondylosis, there is a higher chance of fractures in the vertebrae that can weaken the bones causing a bone to slip out of place. With spondylosis being a main factor in lower back pain with in the adolescent population, there may also be a genetic link for this disease.  Spondylosis can lead to several complications including a decrease in mobility and inactivity causing for weight gain and bone density to decrease, decreased muscle strength, and a reduction in flexibility. 

Causes or Spondylosis 

  • Sections of the vertebrae tend to be weak 
  • Genetic factors. Individuals may be born with a thin veritable and may be more prone to fractures.
  • Weakened vertebrae due to repeated trauma to the lower back 

Symptoms of Spondylosis 

  • Spondylosis is usually symptomless and most individuals are not aware that they have it. 
  • If symptoms do show, the lower back generally has the most pain and feels as if they have a muscle strain. 
  • Pain will increase with exercise 

Spondylosis Treatment

ASTR is a holistic, noninvasive, pain free approach to reaching pain relief without the use of medication.  Patented ASTR tools are used to break down and clear existing scar tissue and myofascial restriction causing for a reduction in pain.  Special exercise programs are given to patients that are designed to reduce inflammation and strengthen the muscles to bring the injured area back to a normal function.