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Shin Splints

Shin splints presents itself as pain along the shin bone that often occurs in runners and dancers.  Shin splints occurs when the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue are overworked from increased activity or change in routine.  It can cause tenderness, throbbing, aching, or mild swelling in the front of the lower leg.  Shin splints can last from 1-3 days, if they seem to persist than they could be part a more serious injury.  

Shin Splint Risk Factors

Shin Splint Treatment

ASTR uses holistic, noninvasive and pain free approaches to relieving pain without the use of medication.  Our doctors use patented ASTR tools to break down and clear the existing scar tissue and myofasical restriction in patients.  Specific special exercise programs are given to patients that are designed to reduce inflammation and strengthen the muscle to bring the patient back to a normal functioning and activity.