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Muscle Knots 

Muscle knots occur when the muscle fibers contract but fail to release which causes tenderness when pressed on.  Muscle knots are also known as myofasical trigger points (MTPS) which occur most commonly in active individuals.  The most common causes of muscle knots include, accidents (trauma, falls, sports injuries, strains), poor posture (long periods of sitting, lifting wrong, rounding shoulders), overstimulation (over excessive or strenuous exercise, over stretching). Muscle knots cause pain in two different ways.  First, latent trigger points, which only cause pain when pressure is put on the knot itself.  Secondly, active trigger points, which causes pain along the neural pathway resulting in non localized areas.  

Symptoms of Muscle Knots 

Treating Muscle Knots 

The practitioner will go over lifestyle of patient to see what is causing muscle knots, while treating the symptoms.  The muscle knots will subside with treatments, but if the underlying cause is not addressed and corrected, muscle knots will return.  Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR) is a pain free, holistic approach to treating muscle knots.