Shoulder Pain Testimonials


"My experience with Doctor Jacobs has been totally different than my experience with physical therapy before. His ASTR technique addresses the root of the problem and he spends one-on-one time with his patients. After 7 visits, I feel like most of my pain is gone. I can sleep at night now. I would highly recommend Doctor Jacobs to anyone!"

Mahvah F.


(Mission Viejo, CA)

"I just wanted to say what a great expereince I've had. Doctor Jacobs has used the ASTR technique on me to help me with my rotator cuff, which was really very painful when I got here. I also have scoliosis and I've had constant pain with that. The pain from the rotator cuff went away right away. I would say within the first two or three appointments, I felt much better and I have complete flexibility now, which is awesome! My scoliosis pain is going away. It's almost subsided completely and this is only within a month and a half.! Thank you, Dr. Jacobs. I really appreciate everything that you've done!"
Glee H.
Shoulder Pain/ Scoliosis
(Mission Viejo, CA)
Watch testimonial videos of patients who experienced relief from shoulder pain through Advanced Soft Tissue Release!


  • Patient avoided hip surgery.

  • Patient avoided back surgery.

  • This newborn came in unable to move his neck from the side position. He suffered from torticollis, severe neck and back spasms. After just 1 ASTR treatment, he had complete range of motion.

  • Rotator Cuff Tear

  • Patient came in unable to move his neck from the side position. After 3 ASTR treatments, he regained full range of motion.


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